Seth O’Byrne shares his foolproof, six-strategy system to succeed in any market and become a Recession-Proof Realtor.

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  • Protect your business from moves in the market 
  • Find high quality leads during a recession

  • Unlock little-known pockets of market potential
  • Prioritize profit without jeopardizing the agent-client relationship

8 Educational Modules

Jam-packed with 5+ hours of lessons.

28 Instructional Videos

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Module 1: The Six D’s

Crack the market with a crash course on how economies change during a recession and what that change means for real estate agents.

Module 2: Death

It’s morbid, but true. Death happens, and it creates a lucrative pocket of potential leads and new properties. Unlock this potential with a breakdown of probate, trust, and fiduciary sales.

Module 3: Debt

When finances fail, foreclosures come. Tackle foreclosure real estate with a guide all about protecting your clients’ best interests, avoiding predatory scam tactics, and still turning a profit.

Module 4: Divorce

Maybe even more than death and debt, divorce is distressing. Discover the soft skills needed to work with distressed clients without sacrificing your bottom line.

Module 5: Defense

The US government backs mortgages for veterans and military members. Meaning: like death and taxes, they’re constant. Break into this market with the ins and outs of working with veterans and clients in the military, including info on VA home loans and how to deal with VA bureaucracy.

Module 6: Development

If you don’t want to flop—flip. Break into the flipping business and avoid the mistakes that take down newbie flippers.

Module 7: Diversification

Do more for more returns. Scale your business with this guide to flipping, renting, managing, and developing property.

Module 8: Mastering the Mindset

Master the mindset required to implement ‘The Six Ds,’ preserve the agent-client relationship, and stay positive when economies are in the negative.

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Seth O’Byrne is the billion-dollar real estate agent behind HGTV’s Hot Properties. He leads one of the most profitable teams in the country and has revolutionized selling real estate in the modern marketplace. His tech-savvy marketing strategies and industry know-how saw him through the 2008 market collapse — now he’s sharing it all with you.




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